MFRMLS -  Rules and Regulations by Article 

Article 1 Name and Objective

Article 2 Membership Qualifications

Article 3 Orientation and Training

Article 4 Rules and Regulations

Article 5 Listing Procedures

Article 6 - Selling Procedures

Article 7 Refusal to Sell

Article 8 Prohibitions

 Article 9 Compensation

 Article 10 Fees and Service Charges

 Article 11 Compliance with Rules

Article 12 Enforcement of Rules or Disputes

Article 13 Confidential of Confidentiality of MFRMLS Information

Article 14 Ownership of the MFRLS Compilations and Coyprights

Article 15 Use of MFRMLS Information

Article 16 Reproduction Use of Copyrighted MFRMLS Compilations

Article 17 Arbitration of Disputes

Article 18 Standards of Conduct for MFRMLS

Article 19 MFRMLS IDX Rules and Regulations

Article 20 Virtual Office Website Rules and Regulations

Article 21 Changes in Rules and Regulations