Article 4.12: Listings Not Available For Showing


Section 12: Listings Not Available For Showing: Because MFRMLS exists to facilitate cooperation by Participants in the showing and sale of each other’s listings:

Except those properties under auction terms and properties deemed unsafe with explanatory documentation uploaded as an attachment upon listing entry:

A.   Listings may not be entered as Active prior to being available for actual showings by all Participants/Subscribers. For example: MFRMLS will not accept listings with “No showings until MM-DD”.

B.   Active Listings that become temporarily unavailable for showing by other Participants for any reason whatsoever must be changed to “TOM” (Temporary Off Market) status within two days excluding weekends and federally recognized holidays and will expire automatically on the Expiration Date unless reactivated in the interim.    The penalty for non-compliance of A or B is outlined in the Automatic Fine Schedule, Level II (See Article 11/Section 4C).


C.   Unless written permission is obtained from the listing agent/broker or included in the listing, A fine will be imposed to any Participant/User contacting owner(s) of record when their listings are in an on market (ACT, PNC, TOM) status as outlined in the Automatic Fine Schedule, Level III (See Article 11/Section 4C).